5 Creative Weekend Getaway Ideas for Family in Queensland, Australia

Queensland beaches

Queensland, otherwise called The Sunshine State, is the California of Down Under. With its islands, beaches and swaying palms this Australian state is the perfect getaway for everyone, ranging from young couples to families with kids. The region is bustling with all sorts of activities, including urban delights, amazing landscapes, or big adventures.

Still, if you’re tired of the typical ‘spend every day at the beach vacation’, here are 5 creative ways to spend a weekend in Queensland with your loved ones.

A Daytrip to One of Queensland’s Numerous Islands

The Sunshine State is home to more than 30 islands, each of them with its special charm and beauty. One of the most beautiful islands you can visit is UNESCO World Heritage site, Fraser Island. Locals call it K’Gari – paradise – for obvious reasons. It combines pristine sand, enchanting sea, freshwater lakes and tropical rainforest. You can take a ferry there from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay and spend the entire day exploring the nature. Or you can go to Magnetic Island and enjoy the company of koalas, kangaroos and rock wallabies.

Fraser Island

Enjoy Water Sports

School kids and teenagers will enjoy an active holiday, and in Queensland, that must include water sports. So, take your kids to a full-day tour to the Great Barrier Reef, where you can not only enjoy the view, but also see hundreds of colorful fish and coral gardens by snorkeling and diving. The expert guides will be with you to help you get outfitted and provide instructions. Surfing can also be fun, provided you get proper training. Still, try to think outside the box. Why not head to the river instead? Rafting on the Tully River can be an amazing bonding experience for the entire family, complemented with breathtaking scenery. Sailing and cruising are perfect for families with small kids.

Great Barrier Reed

Exploring the Lost World

It’s difficult not to notice that both kids and grownups today are obsessed with technology and getting away from all that hustle and relentless life pace can be very useful. Lamington National Park offers an experience completely different than any other in the state. The untamed wilderness, green pastures, wild mountains, and clear rivers will make you relaxed and refreshed, while the kids will be able to enjoy a cinematic adventure. You can find accommodation in the very park, but that can be pricy. Camping is a cheaper option, but not always a comfortable one. For a more affordable and more comfortable option, use websites that can help you find flatmates in Australia, and get accommodation in the nearby Gold Coast.

Lamington National Park

Get to Know the Animals of the Area

If you want to keep your kids occupied, just take them to see some of Queensland’s most famous wildlife species. They will be excited and you will enjoy the sights. There are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries in the area that can interest you. You can find Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane and spend an entire day getting to know these charming creatures. Springbrook National Park bushwalking tour will take you to Australian water dragons (lizards), goannas, brush-turkeys and pademelons. In fact, every rainforest and natural site in Queensland will be your portal into an entirely new world with interesting animals and jaw-dropping nature.

Goanna Queensland

A View from Different Perspective

It doesn’t matter in which city in Queensland you’re located, you will be able to find a great adventure, if you only look up to the sky. Staying in Cairns? Don’t miss the opportunity to go for a hot-air balloon tour over Far North Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands. Or start from Brisbane and fly over Hinterland. You can take a day trip to Kuranda from Cairns by cableway. Helicopter rides above Great Barrier Reef are also available.

Hot Air Ballooning

A family that creates memories together, stays together. And there is no better place to create memories than Queensland, Australia.


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41 thoughts on “5 Creative Weekend Getaway Ideas for Family in Queensland, Australia

  1. Passports and Pigtails says:

    Well you’d have my kids hooked just by saying “Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary”. There is so much to do here that would be perfect for our family. We love to snorkel and have a serious love for animals. To snorkel the Great Barrier reef is so high on my wish list! Cannot wait to visit someday!

  2. Eric Gamble says:

    your killing me! Going to Australia is on my bucket list and I wanted to go this month or next but had to change my plans!
    I would love to go skorkelling in the Great Barrier reef and see that ship on the beach. Plus you had me sold on enjoying the company of koalas, kangaroos and rock wallabies at Magnetic Island

  3. The Roaming Renegades.com says:

    Awesome ideas for families who seek plenty of adventure. Fraser island sounds amazing and somewhere we really can’t wait to visit!

  4. Diana - MVMT Blog says:

    I love visiting UNESCO sites when I travel. I would definitely want to visit Fraser Island if I make it to Queensland. Your underwater shot is awesome! Hope your kids enjoyed swimming with the fish 🙂

  5. Susan says:

    Wow! This looks fantastic. We have friends who winter in New Zealand. One of these years we are going to go with them. I’m sure we will do more then just NZ. I will have to check some of this out. especially the snorkeling.

  6. Nancy says:

    Those beaches look amazing and unusual to not see hundreds of people on them like over here. That’s paradise! Would love to see the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, they are so cute!

  7. Livi Bee says:

    I’ve never been to Australia but it’s definitely on my list. These are all good suggestions. Riding in a hot air balloon is at the top of the list. I can only imagine that views of the city at night!

  8. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    What a lovely place to head out to with the family. I am sure the kids loved it. The pure sands, the blue seas and the clear skies make it an ideal place for spending quality time with the family and bonding in the serene environs. Indeed Queensland has so much on offer.

  9. Indrani says:

    It is a dream of mine to get there. Such a lot of activities and these nature related activities charm me a lot. The animal life there amazes me. I am sure my kids will love this.

  10. Katherine says:

    I like to think of California as the northern hemisphere’s Queensland to be honest 😉
    And now I have to be ashamed to say that I’ve never been to any of the islands off the coast, nor have I gone snorkeling there. *sigh* gotta get back to Australia I think.

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