11 family friendly day trips from Prague

Cesky Krumlov; best day trips from Prague with kids

There is much more to the Czech Republic than just Prague, but sadly many people visit the capital and then leave.  If you’re planning on visiting the Czech Republic, then make sure you allow enough time for a day trip or two.  Not leaving enough time to take day trips from Prague is a mistake we made; so I asked some other travel bloggers which family friendly Prague day trips they would recommend.

And it really looks as though we missed out.  The Czech Republic has some incredible scenery and small towns as beautiful as Prague itself, just on a miniature scale.  Kids will love visiting castles and perhaps an ossuary or two, or just enjoying the lovely Bohemian landscape.

Read on to see which attractions you should consider!

Best family friendly day trips from Prague

Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic, best day trips from Prague

Radka from Realcamplife

Head northeast of Prague for about 100 kilometers and you hit a natural protected area called Bohemian Paradise. This spectacular area known for its outstanding natural beauty was made the first Natural Protected Landscape Area in former Czechoslovakia in 1955. Incredible sandstone formations, underground caves, lush forests, picturesque villages and number of romantic chateaux or medieval castles and ruins perched on cliffs, make the region a popular destination for active tourism.

There are numerous possibilities for hiking. The well-marked hiking trails are of various lengths, so it is easy to explore them with children of any age. You can also raft down a river, bike on forest paths or even try some rock climbing. The rock towns in Bohemian Paradise is actually the cradle of Czech mountain climbing. During the summer season, there are also numerous concerts, festivals, fencing tournaments, traditional fairs, and many other cultural events.

The main hubs for transport, services, and accommodation In Bohemian Paradise are Jičín in the south, Turnov in the center and the village of Malá Skála in the north. They are connected with Prague by trains and buses, which usually run about every 2 hours. The fastest travel by car is on the motorway R10 (E65) about 80 km in the north-east direction from Prague to Liberec.

Click here to take a look at this Bohemian Paradise hiking tour from Prague.

Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic, best day trips from Prague

Parampara & Parichay from Awara Diaries

Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries that I have been to. And there is so much to explore in this country beyond just the capital city of Prague. On our recent trip to Czechia, we booked a Prague day tour with the Northern Hikes to explore the gorgeous Bohemian Switzerland which we had only seen in pictures.

We booked a complete day trip with the company to spend our day hiking. At 8 AM, our tour guide picked us from our hotel in Prague 2, handed us our breakfast pack and started driving towards the town of Tisa to the north of Prague. Our first stop was the Pravicka Gate in Tisa which was also the filming location of the Chronicles of Narnia. Since we were travelling in winter, we found some leftover snow in our hiking spots. It was an easy hike for youngsters, kids and older groups alike. After spending a couple of hours exploring this region, we headed for a typical Czech lunch and some local beer, which was also covered in our tour.

We were full and pretty sleepy, but the day wasn’t over yet. We headed to our final stop, the Saxon National Park on the Czech-German border. This meant another couple of hours of hiking and also included a trip to the Bastei bridge. At sunset, we started our return journey to our hotel in Prague to sum up the exciting day trip.

This wasn’t just a on hell of a picturesque- scenic day trip. Unlike most other day trips, we enjoyed hiking and befriending other tourists. Indeed, a perfectly rejuvenating day trip to spend with family when visiting Prague.

The best part of this trip is that there are many such trips available as per the season and your preferences- food, hiking experience are considered while booking your trip. Highly recommended for your trip to Prague!

Read more about Bohemian Switzerland on Awara Diaries.

Click here to take a look at a day tour to Bohemian Switzerland.


Brno, Czech Republic, best day trips from Prague

Claudia from My Adventures Across The World

Brno is one of the prettiest places to visit in the Czech Republic, and a perfect one to explore on a day trip from Prague. This university city is located at around 200 km and at a 2 hours drive (or 2 and a half hours train ride) from the capital. Brno has a lot to offer – and even though it is a great place for a great trip, there’s plenty to see and do to spend more time there.

Brno is home to the biggest international university in the country. The city is incredibly lively and the vibe is friendly and easygoing. What makes it worth visiting is the beautiful, grand architecture, with many boulevards and well kept buildings. Among the city must sees there are the Old City Council and the square below, as well as the nearby cathedral. In the weeks heading to Christmas, Brno has many beautiful Christmas markets that are fun to explore, especially for families with children.

Yet, the main attraction in the city is Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a beautifully kept example of functionalist architecture. The villa was built in the 1930s by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohes under orders of the Tudendhats. These were a prominent Jewish couple. The villa has beautiful spacious rooms, all of them with incredible views of the park below and the city in the distance. The Nazis confiscated it during the occupation, and the villa was returned to the authorities once the war ended. In 1994 the villa became a museum. Keep in mind that in order to visit it is necessary to book a guided tour, and since only a limited amount of people are admitted it is best to do so well in advance.

Ceske Budejovice

Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, best day trips from Prague

Veronika from Travel Geekery

The main draw in Ceske Budejovice is beer. If you’re keen to show your kids how beer is made, take them to the Budweiser Budvar brewery. Even children will be fascinated by the large tanks, the cellars and the bottling section. Children from 3 to 6 years of age (accompanied by an adult, of course) enter for free. Until 18 y.o. the entrance fee is just 50%.

If you don’t want your kids to get anywhere close to alcohol, Ceske Budejovice is still fun enough. The Koh-i-noor Hardmuth factory making world-famous pencils and crayons has the city as its base. The factory is not open to the public, but there’s a branded store where you can either shop or just feast your eyes.

Then there’s the city center. The large main square is fun to run around, just don’t let the children to jump over a rock marking a former executioner’s block. A legend has it that whoever crosses the rock will get lost. The fountain in the middle and the picturesque colorful houses lining the square will excite big and small travellers alike.

In Ceske Budejovice you can also enjoy some greenery. Head to the Sokolský ostrov Island, let the kids run around and relax a little after a fun-filled day in the beautiful South Bohemian town.

You can get to Ceske Budejovice from Prague by train; the journey takes just over two hours.

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Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov; best day trips from Prague with kids

Allison from Sofia Adventures

If you’re looking for a day trip from Prague, you shouldn’t miss the classic day trip to Cesky Krumlov. This fairytale city is perfect for families, and little kids will love feeling as if they are in their favorite book come to life walking through the beautiful colorful streets full of quaint houses and cobblestones.

Some of the best kid-friendly activities are visiting Cesky Krumlov castle, the interior of which is fit for any princess. Kids will love getting a chance to walk through the castle and even more, they’ll love meeting the rescued bear, named Mother Theresa, who lives in the moat beneath the castle. The Castle Gardens behind Cesky Krumlov castle are also beautiful and well worth fitting on your day trip itinerary. Finally, one last thing that kids will also love is rafting on the Vltava River – though granted this is not a great idea for very young children.

If you have time, try to squeeze in a tour to the Baroque Theater as well! One thing that is not kid-friendly is the Egon Schiele Museum. While his art is beautiful, it’s also quite explicit and probably not great for a child’s eyes! You could easily spend a few days exploring Cesky Krumlov but even if you have only one, it’s well worth the visit.

Click here to book a Cesky Krumlov day trip from Prague.

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary; best day trips from Prague, Czech Republic

Christine from Christine Abroad

Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa town in Czech Republic, and royals have been coming here for centuries to heal their bodies and minds. The spa town is located about a 2 hour drive from Prague, in the western part of the country.

It’s a great place to go on a day trip if you want to go for a swim in thermal baths, and drink healthy spa water. For families this is a lovely time to relax and let the kids have some fun in the water while one parent enjoys massage and spa treatments.

Karlovy Vary also has lots of restaurants and boutiques. Outside of the city you could also visit the Rope Park for a fun day out in nature.  Another nice activity is to go paddleboating or canoeing in the river.

The best way to get here is by car, but there are also buses available that depart from and to Prague.

You can also take a tour to Karlovy Vary from Prague.  Click here for more details.

Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic, one of the best day trips from Prague

Kaila from Nomlist

Karlstejn Castle is located less than 30 km Southwest of Prague and is one of the most-visited castles in the Czech Republic. Established in mid-1300 as a place to store royal treasures, holy relics, and crown jewels, it is well worth the time to take a day and make a trip out of it!

Built by the Bohemian King Charles IV and the Holy Roman Emperor, it has remained in the hands of kings and state institutions. Today, you can choose from a variety of guided tours that take you through private and sacred rooms, as well as a stunning view from the Great Tower.

Other attractions include a walk-around of the fortifications, wax museum, House of Clock, and much more. All the tours and shops are very kid-friendly, making this an ideal family trip. The guides are interactive and informative. When you book in advance, tours can be planned for half or full day excursions.

Travel time from Prague takes approximately 45 minutes. When you arrive, you will need to park about 1.5 km away and either walk or use the taxi services to get to the castle. For more details and the ability to buy tickets and make reservations, visit their official website.

You can take a tour to Karlstejn Castle; this is a nice half day tour from Prague.

Kutna Hora

Bone church in Kutna Hora, one of the best day trips from Prague, Czech Republic

Alex from Swedish Nomad

Kutna Hora is an old city in Czech Republic, about 1 hour from Prague. It’s easy to get here, either by car, train or bus. One could even join guided group tours that include itineraries to the most popular spots in Kutna Hora.

Kutna Hora has some impressive attractions, including the Church of St. Barbara, Church of Our Lady, and of course the “creepy” bone church where you can see bones from 40 000 people made into art.

Kutna Hora is also quite a charming town, and there are several restaurants with outdoor seating. I recommend going here during summer, unless you specifically come for the main attractions.

Kids will especially find the visit to the Bone Church interesting, even though it can also be a bit scary for some. Most kids will probably think it’s pretty cool though with all the skulls and bones!

Click here to take a look at a popular day trip from Prague to Kutna Hora.


Loket Czech Republic makes a good day trip from Prague

Amanda from The Boutique Adventurer

Tiny Loket is a picture postcard perfect town with a history dating back to the 12th century. Its number one attraction is its fortified castle. Loket Castle has all the usual things we have come to expect from a medieval castle – a tower, some frescos, nice views. However, it also has a couple of unexpected features. The first is a meteorite!

This black chunk of rock was discovered in the 14th century and is said to be the oldest meteorite in the world. It comes along with several myths or realities depending on your beliefs.

The second unique element of Loket Castle is what can only be described as the most gruesome multimedia utilizing torture museum I personally have ever seen. This is not necessarily one for the kids as it could bring on some major nightmares but it is worth having a quick look if you’re a grown up merely for novelty.

Loket is a very well preserved medieval town so perfect for wandering – you can also see where several scenes from the James Bond film Casino Royale were shot. Don’t miss the main square T.G. Masaryka.

Loket is west of Prague. It is about 2 hours by car, 3 hours by the fastest buses and 4 hours by train.


Olomouc, Czech Republic, one of the best day trips from Prague

Rachelle from The Mormon Adventurista

Get ready to fall in love-at-first-sight with Olomouc, Czech Republic. Even though Olomouc is a short, 2-hour train ride away from Prague, you’ll feel like you’ve crossed into another land. Before we dive into the sights and activities, let’s talk about pronunciation: Olomouc should be said like “OH-la-moats.” Got it? Now you speak a little Olomóc, the local dialect!

Olomouc is a city in the Moravian province in Eastern Czech Republic, and it is still considered to be a city “off-the-radar.” You won’t be surrounded by tourists like you would be in Prague or Cesky Krumlov, but fear not – the city is brimming with interesting and beautiful things to experience: castles, cathedrals, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the middle of the city…but most importantly, the city of Olomouc boasts the most unique Astronomical clock in the Czech Republic! Unlike the Astronomical one in Prague, the clock in Olomouc only rings at noon, and has to be done manually since it doesn’t run off of electricity.

Have some kids that need to burn off some energy when visiting Olomouc? Do they need to stretch their little legs after the 2-hour train ride? Climb the double-helix stair cases in Saint Maurice Cathedral and treat your eyes to most beautiful viewpoint in the Czech Republic!


Vienna, Austria, makes a good day trip from Prague, Czech Republic

Noel from Travel Photo Discovery

Taking a Prague day trip to Vienna is easy with fast trains that can get you to the capital city around 3 hours. With children there are plenty of places to visit in the city, which include walking in the historic district and checking out cultural sites, enjoying delicious sacher cakes in town, checking out the fun parks and amusement areas in the city or even the many castles in the city that are great places to explore and are kid friendly.

There are many interesting neighborhoods worth exploring if you want to enjoy a more local and low key experience in the city or even check out the cool views of the city from the North Tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the restaurant Skybar roof terrace.

You can check out more details for visiting the main sites of Vienna here for more details and inspiration.

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Find out which are the best family friendly day trips from Prague, recommended by travel bloggers. Visit Cesky Krumlov, Bohemian Switzerland, Karlovy Vary and even Vienna. #daytripsfromprague #prague #familytravel #czechrepublic

Find out which are the best family friendly day trips from Prague, recommended by travel bloggers. Visit Cesky Krumlov, Bohemian Switzerland, Karlovy Vary and even Vienna. #daytripsfromprague #prague #familytravel #czechrepublic


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