Copenhagen by cargo bike: Copenhagen Family Tours review

Copenhagen Family Tours - the best bike tour for kids in Copenhagen

What’s the best way to get around Copenhagen?  The way that the locals do, of course!  For us, that meant taking a cargo bike tour of Copenhagen with Copenhagen Family Tours.

Copenhagen Family Tours provide a private guided cargo bike tour of the city, tailored to your family’s ages and interests.  It’s the perfect way to sightsee with small children!

Read on to find out about our experience with cargo bikes in Copenhagen, and why you should definitely book a tour when you visit.

Disclaimer: We were given a complimentary tour in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Take a cargo bike tour with Copenhagen Family Tours

Cargo bike in Copenhagen park

Who are Copenhagen Family Tours?

Copenhagen Family Tours is run by Maike, a Danish mum of three who set up the company to help parents with small children see the best of Copenhagen.

Maike wanted to help visiting families experience Danish life as well as see the city, and getting around on a cargo bike is the perfect solution.

The cargo bike can be seen all over Denmark and it’s a really useful way of transporting young children, especially if you don’t own a car and they’re too small to ride bikes on roads by themselves.  It’s basically a large basket attached to the front of a bike in place of the front wheel.   As we rode around we saw plenty of others in use.

The tours are private guided tours which last on average four hours, although you can extend to six if you like.  Copenhagen Family Tours give some suggested itineraries but are also happy to customise their tours so you can see what you want, and according to the ages and interests of your children.

The cargo bike is suitable for kids aged 1 to 12.

What can you see on a tour with Copenhagen Family Tours?

Colourful buildings at Nyvavn in Copenhagen with kids

It’s up to you!  You can choose to see Copenhagen’s city centre or explore the wider Copenhagen area, which is what we did, and what I’ll cover in this post.  Keep an eye out for our upcoming 3 day guide to Copenhagen with kids.

You don’t have to do the route that we took, especially if you’re pressed for time.  We had four full days in Copenhagen and were in no rush, so it made sense for us to visit some of the lesser known places in the city rather than see the main sights that we knew we’d visit on our own.

If you’ve only got a couple of days for your trip then I’d recommend seeing Copenhagen’s centre on your tour.  The city is very walkable but to pack everything in is a very long day.  Taking a bike tour is the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can combine a tour of Copenhagen’s centre with visiting Frederiksberg and get the best of both worlds!

How to book a bike tour with Copenhagen Family Tours

Head to the Copenhagen Family Tours website to get in touch with Maike or Max and see the latest pricing.

Our review of Copenhagen Family Tours’ cargo bike tour

Derek and the kids with cargo bike, Copenhagen

We found Copenhagen Family Tours to be highly responsive and professional from the outset.  Communication was swift and organising what we wanted to see was flexible.  Initially I contacted Maike; she then put me in touch with Max who would be our guide, and he then helped us to plan our itinerary.

Maike and Max were happy to suggest things for us to see in Copenhagen, as well as listen to our ideas. In the end we chose to visit Copenhagen’s suburbs on our tour as we had plenty of time to see the main sights ourselves.  I don’t think that we’d have seen what we did if we hadn’t taken the bike tour; we wouldn’t have known where to start.

Around a week before our tour Max sent a schedule and some of Copenhagen’s bike rules to us so we could study them before we set off.  This was really handy as we then had less information to remember on the day!

Meeting our guide Max, and trying out the cargo bike

Max from Copenhagen Family Tours familiarising us with the cargo bike

We took our tour on our first morning in Copenhagen, and as we hadn’t yet got our bearings, our guide Max came to meet us at our hotel.  Max was super friendly and welcoming and we immediately felt at ease with him.  He was great with the kids as he has a boy and a girl the same age, and he works with kids too.

Max took us over to a quiet area where we got to grips with the bikes.  It was easier for me as I just had to remember how to ride a bike (it must have been about 10 years since I last rode one) but Derek was taking the kids on the cargo bike!

Cycling in Copenhagen with a kid-friendly cargo bike

We had no problems getting the kids in the cargo bike – it was decorated with superhero stickers so they wanted to jump right in.  There was plenty of room for both kids on the seat, and a seatbelt secured them in place.  The cargo bike can be used in all weather as it’s got a rain cover and sunshade; fortunately for us, it was warm and sunny.

Max had also brought along a blanket in case the kids got cold (not a problem for us) and helmets for everyone. Enough room was left in the footwell for us to stash our bags.

Although I didn’t try the cargo bike myself, Derek said that it’s fairly easy to master. You do have to watch out when you turn as the bike is on a pivot and so you get swung the opposite way!  He said it just takes a little getting used to, and even with two kids in the cargo bike wasn’t particularly heavy, it just took a bit more effort to get going.

The cargo bike is suitable for any adult to pedal.

Learning about Copenhagen’s modern regeneration in Vesterbro

Copenhagen's modern district by the river

Our tour started in Vesterbro, the modern area just southwest of Copenhagen’s main train station.  We wobbled along the quayside and took in a brief stop to hear about how this area of Copenhagen was regenerated in the last few decades. This part of Copenhagen is the newest and it’s full of shiny new shops, offices and even a lido.  It made me think of London’s Docklands area (only cleaner!).

From the riverside we took a bike-only bridge up and over the railway towards Frederiksberg.  This is the famous Bicycle Snake bridge which was built in 2014, and you can see it in the above photo.  As you might have guessed from the name, the bridge twists and turns like a snake’s coils over the streets below.  The Bicycle Snake is just one thing of many that makes getting around Copenhagen by bike easy and convenient.

Cycling on the road in Copenhagen is very easy – it’s much better than in the UK.  There are dedicated cycle lanes on most roads which keep bikes from sharing with both traffic and pedestrians.  The cycle lanes have their own traffic lights and are wide enough for four bikes in the busiest areas.  So no panicking about cars and the whole experience is fun, and even relaxing!

As well as bike only bridges, we also cycled on a special bike path called the Green Path which connects Copenhagen to Frederiksberg.  It’s almost 10km long, and is mostly used by commuters although of course, anyone can cycle along it.  The Green Path runs through parks and past gardens and for the most part it’s well away from the traffic, making it a great route to pick.

A visit to Frederiksberg, a city in a city

Landbohojskolens Have in Copenhagen

From Vesterbro we crossed into Frederiksberg.  Frederiksberg is an independent municipality completely surrounded by Copenhagen.  Frederiksberg has its own mayor and council, and likes to run its own affairs as much as possible.  It’s an affluent area, with plenty of parks and family friendly things to do.

We made our second stop in Landbohøjskolens Have, a small botanic garden in the grounds of one of Copenhagen’s universities.  We had plenty of time for the kids to run about and have an ice cream while the adults had a coffee in the park’s cafe, surrounded by the most colourful gardens I think I’ve ever seen!

From here we picked up the Green Path again and cycled into Frederiksberg’s centre, past the town hall and along its main street, filled with cafes, restaurants and shops – all modern, all pristine.  There were few tourists in this area so we got to see how the Danes go about their daily lives.

Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Gardens)

Frederiksberg Slot, or castle, in Frederiksberg Have

The main attraction in Frederiksberg is Frederiksberg Have, or gardens.  This is where you’ll find Copenhagen’s zoo  – we didn’t go in but we did stop by the elephant enclosure, although we couldn’t see any animals.  Obviously Copenhagen Zoo is very popular with families and is home to giant pandas as well as many other species.  You can find out more about Copenhagen Zoo here.

The gardens are a fantastic place to visit, even if you’re not going to the zoo.  We rode past Frederiksberg Slot (the palace, pictured) which you’re also able to visit.  On the river in front of the palace you can take a tour on a rowing boat which also looks like a lot of fun!  Other attractions in the park include a Chinese Tea House where you can get cakes and drinks.

Boating in Frederiksberg Gardens, Copenhagen

We got another look at Danish life when Max showed us a “pacifier tree” in the middle of the garden.  When small children are done with their dummy they hang it up in this tree, sometimes with a note.  One of the notes said something to the effect of “thank you for the comfort but I’m a big boy now.”  So cute!

Further into the gardens Max took us to a playground.  Copenhagen is fantastic for playgrounds and you’re sure to encounter several during your visit.  This one had sand and water play, and the kids got to run around again.

Max also took us to a new playground which is an example of Copenhagen’s family friendly mindset.  The playground is built on top of an underground car park for neighbourhood residents and had a large splash pool, sand pit and climbing equipment as well as plenty of seating for supervising adults.  We noticed that the kids are left to get on with playing and exploring by themselves rather than having adults hovering over them.

Happy kids in a Danish cargo bike with Copenhagen Family Tours

The great thing about this bike tour is that the kids aren’t going to be sat in the cargo bike for four hours or however long your tour is – Max made sure that there were plenty of stops, and wherever we stopped the kids were able to run around.  Our tour had definitely been built around our family and ensured that our small kids didn’t get bored.

Having said that, our kids enjoyed the novelty of the cargo bike so much that sometimes they had to be encouraged to get out of it!

Hanging out in hip and happening Nørrebro

Boutique shops in Copenhagen's residential areas

Back on our bikes again, we headed out of Frederiksberg and in to the neighbouring district, Nørrebro.  We took turns staying with the kids in another playground while the other walked down Jaegersborggade, a street filled with shops selling local produce and art, boutiques and cafes.

Jaegersborggade street in Copenhagen is full of quirky shops

Max explained how Jaegersborggade is another example of how Copenhagen has reinvented itself.  Once a dodgy area with a fair bit of crime going on, today Jaegersborggade is now super fashionable with a strong sense of community.

Residents hold a spring street flea market with stalls running the length of the street and again, there was a very family friendly vibe to this area.  We didn’t spot many other tourists here either, so it was great to feel that we’d got off the beaten path somewhat.

Gateway to Assistens Kirkegard, a cemetary in Copenhagen's Norrebro area

At the far end of the street we crossed over into Assistens Kirkegård, a large cemetery lined with towering trees.  You might not think that this was a very family friendly place to visit but in fact this graveyard is much more like a park.  The gravestones were largely hidden among flowers and trees and it’s perfectly acceptable to walk, sit or cycle here.  You might also be interested to know that this is where Hans Christian Andersen is buried, and you can visit his grave.

Our four hours were very nearly up by this point.  From Nørrebro we crossed over Queen Louise’s Bridge to finish our tour at the Torevehallerne Copenhagen, one of the best food markets in the city.  This was the perfect finishing point as we’d been on the go since 9am!

We said our thanks and goodbyes to Max, and we were left to grab some lunch and then explore the city centre on our own for the rest of the day.

Would we recommend Copenhagen Family Tours?

Cycling in Denmark with Copenhagen Family Tours

We would absolutely recommend Copenhagen Family Tours!

Copenhagen Family Tours is a friendly and professional company with excellent communication.  Our guide Max was brilliant with our kids and he really tailored the tour to our kids’ needs by including lots of playground visits.  He was also full of information about Copenhagen and the Danish way of life so that Derek and I learned a lot as well.

The tour was designed around what we wanted to do, and Maike and Max were flexible about where we went.  It didn’t feel as if they did the exact same tour each time.  The tour was well paced and we never felt rushed, or that we’d lingered too long anywhere.

The bikes were all in good condition and Max made sure that we were both comfortable with how to use the cargo bike before we set off.  The kids were safely strapped into the bike’s seats, and we were provided with helmets. The cargo bike can be given a sunshade or rain cover so it’s suitable for all weather (they will even supply adults with rain capes in case of inclement weather).

Once we got going, we avoided main roads for the most part and we never felt unsafe on Copenhagen’s streets.  Copenhagen is a really easy place to get around by bike, even if it’s a decade since you last rode on one!  It was much more fun and relaxing than I expected.

When reviewing tours or products I usually try to give some constructive criticism as well as talking about what we enjoyed, but in this case everything was perfect and I have no suggestions for improvement to offer!  This has to be one of the best bike tours in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Family Tours is highly recommended.  Remember to book your Copenhagen bike tour here!

Have you ever taken a cargo bike tour?  Is it something you think your family would like?  Let us know in the comments!

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Copenhagen Family Tours, private guides who take you and your family on a bespoke tour of Denmark’s capital. It’s the perfect way to see Copenhagen! Click to find out more. #copenhagen #familytravel #denmark

Copenhagen Family Tours, private guides who take you and your family on a bespoke tour of Denmark’s capital. It’s the perfect way to see Copenhagen! Click to find out more. #copenhagen #familytravel #denmark


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