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    5 days in Rome with kids Forum

    Rome is one of the most spectacular capital cities in the world.  It’s steeped in culture and history and no matter where you turn there’s something interesting to look at.  Its ancient ruins are amazingly well preserved and the beauty of its churches is unsurpassed.

    We recently visited Rome for 5 days with our young family.  This post should give you an idea of what you can expect to do with 5 days in Rome, especially if you’re a first time visitor like I was.    You can get a really good feel of the city if you have this long, and explore most of the major landmarks as well as one or two less famous sights.

    Unlike our trip to Paris when we avoided the main sights, this time we kept pretty firmly on the tourist trail.  However, in Rome this is no bad thing!  Read on to see which sights are best to see with small children.  There’s a lot to cover in this post so get comfy! 

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