Having tried her hand at being a recruitment manager and primary school teacher, she’s now on her third career as a full time mother to two.  
Plagued by itchy feet, she spends most of her time dreaming about her next travel destination.Wannabe digital nomad and closet hippie, fuelled by coffee.


His wanderlust is kept under control by the odd work trip abroad.  An ambitious, but not necessarily realistic man, he dreams of becoming a chef and expanding his culinary repertoire beyond beans on toast.

age 5

Dramatic doesn’t cover it.

The girl loves all things pink and purple, playing with her friends and school.  

A connoisseur of Studio Ghibli, her heroine is Princess Nausicaä.  She’s also a huge fan of superheroes, and is constantly imagining that she has superpowers.

She’s quite partial to cuddles, strawberries and her little brother.  

A born entertainer, her future is on the stage, although she says she’s going to join the Teen Titans.


age 3

A little pickle, the boy has a love for all things dangerous, especially scaling things he shouldn’t and attempting to climb out of windows.  

He’s into vehicles of any kind, but there’s a special place in his heart for motorbikes.  His other obsessions are dinosaurs and yellow.  Anything yellow. 

He enjoys milk, chocolate and making as much mess as possible.  A future mountaineer and adrenalin junkie.

In all seriousness…

The travel bug bit us both kind of late in life.  Neither of us ever took a gap year or travelled for an extended period of time.

We met back in 2008 and started to travel as much as we could while still working full time.   As a couple, we loved adventure travel and cultural city breaks.  

When the kids came along we initially thought our travelling days were done.  Parenting isn’t the easiest thing we’ve ever done and to be honest, neither of us could face the stress of being new parents and the pressure of trying to have a great holiday at the same time.  In our sleep deprived state we wrote travelling off for a while.

But after the first few months our feet started to itch again.  It took us a little while to pluck up the courage to go away – we started nice and easy with a villa holiday in Tuscany – but a trip to Jordan helped us to get over our fears about travelling with kids.  

We’ve been unstoppable since and have visited France, Spain, Iceland, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Sweden,Portugal, and our favourite destination, Japan.

Now we try to get away as often as we can although we have to fit our travelling in around work and school holidays.  We’re slowly trying to become more independent in our travels and to try more adventurous things – as long as we think the kids will enjoy it!

What’s the blog about? 

The blog initially started as a way of keeping track of all the things we get up to so we’ve got a record to look back on, as well as giving me something to do while trapped under a sleeping baby (after having exhausted all the box sets).

But we’re also hoping to inspire other families who might be worried about going away with small children, as we were.  We want to show that it’s possible, and even fun sometimes – even if you still want to do all the adventure and cultural stuff rather than kids’ clubs all the time.

We’re also going to be exploring our local area a lot this year so even if travelling abroad isn’t something you’re able to do very often for whatever reason, then there’s still a huge amount of things you can do in the UK.  Travelling as a family doesn’t always have to be about jumping on a plane!

Long term

A few years ago, before our kids came along, we watched a TV series called My Family’s Crazy Gap Year (or something like that).  While we admired the adventurous spirit of the families we both said at the time we’d never do anything like that.

Yeah.  We’ve gone full circle on that one.  

A huge ambition of ours is to take a gap year.  Obviously this will have to be at the right time to fit in with the husband’s career and the kids’ schooling.  And finances; but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? We’re hoping we can manage it. 

We think that we’ll spend the year in Asia, but who knows?  Watch this space… 

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